Get ready for the upcoming deer season with your choice of three great packages:
Gun Package: A Remington 7600 pump action 30.06 rifle walnut stock $920.00, Scope Mounts $70.00, Shoulder Strap and hardware kit $55.00, Gun case $125.00, Setup scope mounted bore sighted $100.00, Bushnell 6x18x50 Dawn to Dusk Scope $230.00
Total Package $1500.00

Bow Package: Bowtech Carbon Icon Package Compound Bow $750.00, Bulldog 2’X3’ target Field Point Target $160.00, Setup & Training $75.00, 1 Dozen Easton Bloodline Arrows $150.00, True Fire Edge Release $70.00, Field Points $5.00, Broad Heads $45.00, Drop Tine Hoodie $45.00, 3 lighted arrow nocks $35.00, Camo Leafy Suit $85.00, Range Passes $100.00
Total Package $1520.00

Crossbow Package: Barnette Quad Edge Crossbow $550.00, Bulldog 2’ x 3’ Field Point Target $160.00, Crossbow Conitnued 6 Crossbow Bolts $65.00, Crossbow Case $80.00, Broad Heads $45.00, Drop Tine Hoodie $45.00, Range Passes $100.00, Setup, Training, Sight In $100.00, Camo Leafy Suit $85.00, Lighted Nocks for crossbow bolts $35.00, Game Camera $225.00, Rope Cocker $25.00 
Total Package $1515.00

To Qualify, listen for “The WILQ/Drop Tine Archery Buck Snort”, the be caller #7 at WILQ…
OR register in person at Drop Tine Archery on Route 44 in Allenwood where all three packages are on display!
A winner will be drawn on Friday, September 8th.  You must be AT LEAST 18 to register and please, register just once.